Lamar County Georgia Animal Control Codes

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There are three articles in the animal control section.






Article I is a general overview and definitions

Article II is specific to dangerous dogs

Article III deals with general animal control and regulations



Click here to download a safe .PDF file of Lamar County Animal Control codes.


Please note Lamar County has codes against barking dogs, roaming dogs, unvaccinated dogs,  regulations about animals in heat, and so on. If anyone tells you there are no regulations like "leash laws", noise ordinances, or that "dogs just bark",  they don't know what they are talking about.

General Animal Control regulations include the following:

All dogs are required to display current rabies tags from a licensed vet (page 352 section 2-4-69). The county (and animal control officer) or appointed personnel are required to enforce this by Georgia State Law....




Dogs can't roam, they have to be kept under control  page 351 section 2-4-66(a)

Dogs can't bark and disturb neighbors section 2-4-66 (e)

Dogs can't make odors that disturb neighbors section 2-4-66(f)












Dogs and cats in heat cannot have random access to males or be allowed to run free.


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