From actual measurements on my 1989 Mustang LX 5.0 gauge panel or instrument cluster. My Ford connectors are indexed from the small key and numbered. I used the numbers on the OEM connectors.


Instrument Mustang Ford LX 5.0 cluster


Right front gauges, or left rear connector:

Pin Open voltage Short current 100 ohms 10 ohms Descrip    
1-7           no female traces  
8           from op-amp output have not traced
9 ~7 volts         Oil Pressure pulls to ground
10           Fuel Level See data, pulls to ground
11           + 12 volt switched power dash left side, fuel oil etc
12           Ground  
13           belts indicator apply voltage for light
14           dash lamps apply adjustable 12V


Voltage Current  mA Scale
Short 0   below empty
2.5   Empty mark
3.2   1/8
4.4   1/4
5.5 55 1/2
6   3/4
7   Full mark
open 0 Pin Full

Left front gauges, or right rear connector   

  Final Dash

Final dash has warning lights instead of instrument cluster. Still has turn signal and bright light indicator.


Dashboard view 1989 Mustang Holley EFI


Voltage meter at 12.5 and lower shows red, indicating battery discharge, the tach shift light is two super-bright red LED's :



Dash 1989 Mustang LX Holley HP EFI turbo