W8JI's Receiving Antennas

Conventional Beverage's ~580 feet long in seven directions.

Specifications @ 15 degree wave angle:

Every 45 degrees from NE to NW. Directivity factor 7.29 dB, Half-power Beamwidth 78 degrees

Arrays of Broadside Beverages 780 x 350 feet:

Specifications @ 15 degree wave angle:

Europe, Africa, Asia/Japan, South America, ZL/South Pacific, VK/Pacific.

Directivity factor 13.8 dB, Half-power Beamwidth 42 degrees


Arrays of Verticals 70 x 330 feet:

Specifications @ 15 degree wave angle:

ZL/South Pacific, Europe.

Directivity factor 13 dB, Half-power Beamwidth 47 degrees

350 foot diameter circular eight element array:

This array covers eight directions, spaced every 45 degrees around the compass. It has 22 foot tall top and base loaded elements. Over 1/4 mile of 75-ohm cable is used in this array (besides the 2500 feet of trunk cable to reach the house).  

Each antenna element is made from 1-1/2 inch chain link fence top rail. The fence rail hinges on these wooden posts with a bolt through the bottom of the vertical rail. The top of the wooden post has a steel pin that fits in a hole in the metal railing, and it is lashed in place.


Specifications @ 15 degree wave angle:

All compass directions. Electrically rotatable.

Directivity factor 12.1 dB, Half-power Beamwidth 53 degrees