Bandswitch Failures

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Bandswitch Failures


Bandswitch failures are caused by:


1.) Improper installation or wiring of switch

        a.) Improper Wiring Techniques

        b.) Improper contact Alignment

        c.) Contamination-of or damage-to switch


2.)    Improper relay timing or defective antenna relay

        a.) Transmit contact closes after input contact closes

        b.) Transmit contact opens before input contact opens


3.)    Failures in antenna systems

        a.) Intermittent arc, open, or short in a tuner

        b.) Intermittent arc, open, or short in an antenna

        c.) Intermittent arc, open, or short in external lightning protection devices

        d.) Intermittent arc, open, or short in a feed line or connector

        e.) Sudden large change in either SWR or antenna impedance


4.)    Improper loading of amplifier

        a.) Loading control set too far meshed (loading too light)

        b.) SWR or antenna impedance beyond matching range of amplifier   


5.)    Excessive drive or drive power transients

        a.) Exciter has transients or leading edge overshoot

        b.) Operation power peaks higher than tuning peaks


6.)    Excessive current

        a.) Improper loading (loading too light)

        b.) Improper connections

        c.) Improper switch ratings