crimping fender lips

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I wanted to roll my fender lips to fit larger tires, and to get rid of the sharp edges. This is how I did it:



1.) I put two layers of duct tape on a piece of 1/4 inch thick flat steel bar stock.

2.) I used two clamps from my milling machine to make a "crimper". Note the spacer at the bottom. This lets the crimper pivot when the upper bolt is tightened..

3.) I started the crimp by slightly bending the lip up with a hammer.

4.) I worked the crimper slowly back and forth along the fender lip, gradually pulling the lip up flat inside the wheel well. The outside does not move because the bar stock spreads the load.

5.) This didn't even hurt the paint. No one notices the crimping unless they look really close.


crimping rolling fender lips


fender rolling and crimping for larger tires



crimp and roll fender lips Mustang