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Solder track joints

Solder power tap on track

Turnout connection problems

My HO Train layout under construction

My home-made hills and mountains under construction. Styrofoam base glued with Gorilla glue. Overlaid with plaster cloth. Eventually to be painted and then covered with landscaping. My plan is to paint everything in base colors first, and then use landscaping materials. I decided to do this after looking at a few other layouts where plywood shows through when ground cover is disturbed, and to seal the wood and materials against moisture.

Photos show below start of mountains March 3, 2011.

HO train hill and mountain


Tunnel and bridge view




Next photo, same area March 13, 2011

3/13/2011 mountain and hill HO train layout
















Tunnel portal as of June 2011


View from future operating position on March 3, 2011

view from future operating position

The above is the control/operating position week of March 3, 2011. Below is March 13:

HO train layout March 13,2011


























I am working my way through the yard area first. Below is June 2011:

East Yard Area

East Yard area June 2011

Tower and west yard shop area



My home made signal system uses bi-color  (red-green) LED's.


Yard area and signal

My home made signal bridge

rear view signals


My newest signal bridge is more realistic, instead of just poles.


Newest home made signal bridge



























newest signal  bridge HO scale








Made from screen, copper buss wire, and copper rods. Soldered and painted with bi-color LED's.

















Changes to be made to yard area will include more grass and less rock. More car and engine storage sidings, most with non-electronic turnouts (just for static display and to use up the old too-sharp turnouts that came with the used set I bought). Photo below March 3, 2011.

Side view HO layout




Mikado282 Pacific built Lima Ohio just prior to 1920.




















Radio tower on signal hill































My switch panel to control turnouts (switches)















Also see layout wiring and controls


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